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About Us

Who We Are

Thunder on the Plains was organized in 2016 by a group of local volunteers. Originally started as Thunder on the Bricks then changed to Thunder on the Plains in 2017.  We are a group of classic car, truck and motorcycle enthusiasts, men and women, who saw a way to share their passion for the classics while giving back to the local community. The group organizes monthly events along with an annual show held in September, which has grown to have an attendance of over 200 cars, trucks and bikes. 

What We Do

Thunder on the Bricks gave back $5,500.00 to local charities in out first year. In 2021, Thunder on the Plains raised over $18,900.  To date, Thunder has raised over  $54,000, giving back to 34 local organizations over the past 6 years. In addition, last year a scholarship for automotive studies, to be used at the local NCK Tech, was created to be awarded annually to 4 local seniors. 

Our success is due, in part, to our volunteers but more so because of our dedicated sponsors. It is only with them that we can continue to grow and give back.


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